What is ‘Black Love Day’?

The Akoma

The Akoma, an ancient African Adinkra symbol for Love

Black Love Day, celebrated on February 13th each year, is a 24 hour wholyday when you are encouraged to express Love through 5 specific acts or tenets:

  • Love for the Creator
  • Love for Yourself
  • Love for your Family
  • Love for your Local Community
  • Love for the Global Community

Black Love Day isn’t only for African-Americans. Other nationalities and races are welcomed to join in and show ” love in action”, along with the other 5 tenets (acts).

Ayo Handy-Kendi

Mama Ayo Handy-Kendi

The creator of Black Love Day, Mama Ayo Handy-Kendi says that the BLD 5 tenets (acts of love) and the annual theme, offers a more wholistic, healthier alternative to the commercial Feb. 14 Valentine’s Day which mainly focuses on packaging romantic love through gift-giving. The commercial exploitation of this concept has caused Valentine’s Day depression, suicide, domestic violence and substance abuse, vividly shown in the film, “Valentine’s Day”.

Mama Ayo has been inspired to teach unconditional love as a higher solution for Spirit, Mind, Body healing in her work as Breathologist, Stress Manager for her health service, PositivEnergyWorks and as a community organizer around holidays, celebrations and rituals for social change, as founder/director, The African American Holiday Association (AAHA).

Healing through love and breathology has helped her over-come child sexual abuse, addiction, domestic violence, homelessness and the death of her teenage son. She has shared her inspiring testimonies, breath services and her coined concept of “holiday stress syndrome” before millions on radio, t.v. and in print. She now hosts “The Saging Baby Boomer Show” on Inner Light Radio, affirming that this group fostered “a free love” movement.

BLD, Feb. 13th has also grown in popularity, as seen by many college campuses, churches and community groups that commemorate this day with traditions as defined in her “Black Love Book”. While BLD is the 3rd nationally commemorated African American holiday (wholyday), it speaks universally to the global challenges of putting love ahead of the many racial and personal divides, to return to love to heal all of our relationships.

For further information, on Black Love Day and the official relationship ceremony; for media interviews of Handy-Kendi; to inquire about her speaking engagements and breathology facilitations, contact, Rashida Thomas, publicists for AAHA at 202-667-2577 and on-line www.AfricanAmericanHolidays.org


BLACK LOVE DAY (BLD) is the 3rd nationally, commemorated African American holiday (wholyday) observance of atonement, reconciliation, celebration and 24 hour demonstration of Black love, showing 5 Tenets (specific acts)– towards the Creator, for Self, for the Family, within the Black Community and for the Black Race. Also in 24 hours, Whites show “love in action” towards Blacks, atonement or introspection of their racial attitudes, behaviors and fears while demonstrating the 5 tenets.

BLD is an African-centered, alternative to the commercial Valentine’s Day with the wholistic goals of encouraging: 1) Black self-love instead of self-hatred; 2) Racial healing to stop White supremacy, racism and entitlement; 3) The return to Love to heal all relationships for increased peace to stop violence!

BLD was founded in 1993 by Ayo Handy Kendi, founder/director of the African American Holiday Association (AAHA), and CEO of PositivEnergyWorks. a Breathologist/Stress Manager; Author and Speaker.
BRIEF HISTORY: Yearly, Black Love Day has grown in popularity similar to Juneteenth and Kwanzaa. It has become recognized on many college campuses, notably FAMU, Morgan State and Howard U. Black Love Relationship Ceremonies have been hosted by AAHA annually in D. C. since ’93, and other notable Relationship ceremonies have been held in St. Louis, Mo, Richmond, Va, Los Angeles, Calif and Benin, West Africa, with Handy-Kendi’s consultation. Black Love Day has been included in the Smithsonian Institute’s “Multi-Cultural Calendar, Black Seeds Calendar and The United Black Community Calendar.

Explanation Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sohAXTFRqfM

Black Love Song, Family Love Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzgDaioIYys
To Raise the Love Vibration: http://youtu.be/dCgu5HP7G64
Join in Dialogue for the new love movement: ForSagingBabyBoomers@groups.Facebook.com

· It’s NOT where you go for Black Love Day – it is WHAT YOU DO to demonstrate (show) love.
**** The greeting is Nya Akoma (N yah Ah comah) means get a heart, be patient.
· *** Display the Akoma , an ancient African Adinkra symbol of love, patience, goodwill, faithfulness and endurance. It was re-named and co-opted a s a Valentine;
· ***Wear the colors Purple and Black – purple for spiritual growth and royalty; black for the color of the people and freedom from evil (Psalms 7 or 12)
· ***Buy BLD conscious-raising gifts from Black merchants, an act of community love;
· *** Get “The Black Love Book”, 3rd edition, by Ayo Handy-Kendi, founder, Black Love Day – The rituals of BLD, History of Valentine’s Day, Self-love and relationship tips, more.
$6.50 E-book: Use credit card payments: Pay Pal info@aaha-info.org
$13 Printed copy: Send check or money order to:
African American Holiday Association (AAHA)
1855 Third Street, N.W , Washington, D. C. 20001 (allow 3-4 weeks shipping)
*** In-gather the people at a Black Love Relationship Ceremony with the Ritual of Reconciliation
***Contact us by email for consultation on your Black Love Relationship Ceremony or ways to celebrate and demonstrate love wholistically: ayomeansjoy@yahoo.com

***FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, ON BLACK LOVE DAY; for media interviews of Handy-Kendi; or for her speaking engagements, relationship or self-love workshops, or breathology facilitations, contact, Rashida Thomas, publicists for AAHA at 202-667-2577 and on-line www.AfricanAmericanHolidays.org

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  2. I am always sending out Valentine card to my sisters and brother and my children and I am so glad that a day is being recoqnize for us to look within our inner self and love ourselves. For years I struggle showing love to others, some embrace, others couldn’t understand this kinda of love I was giving until I loose myself trying to prove my love when all the while I Am Love. I too had faced loss, broken home, homelessness–not to the extent, abuse , loss of employment, depression because I was seeking to feel validated after gaving too much of myself. I love in the wrong way. My healing now is theraphy, medicine, music, reading and at times dancing. I volunteer with Hospice and at a children’s hospital hoping they can make a difference to my life–teach me what I need to know as I make a difference in theirs. I will, if the Great one spear my life, buy the book of Black love. Thank you Founder Ayo Handy.

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